Soulwich: Evanston’s Asian-fusion sandwich shop

Amber Gibson

When Eddie Lakin, owner of my favorite Edzo’s Burger Shop, tweeted about a great new sandwich spot in town, I knew I had to try Soulwich, 1634 Orrington Ave. If Lakin was praising a competitor just down the street, it must be special.

Soulwich is an Asian-fusion organic sandwich shop with a small but unique menu that’s big on flavor. I’ve been in a couple of times with friends and can wholeheartedly recommend it. My first time in, the girl behind the counter, a fellow Northwestern student, recommended the Paneer Fig sandwich. This is the most popular item on the menu and for good reason. A nice blend of sweet juicy figs, creamy goat cheese and a sprinkling of caramelized onions hit the spot. On another visit I tried the smooth Burmese coconut curry with tender pulled pork shoulder. The toasted French baguette bread from a local bakery is perfect for soaking up the various sauces made by “chief sauce maker” and owner Bhavini Patel.

Bhavini’s husband, Ash Patel, makes each sandwich to order, and many of the sandwiches can be made with your choice of chicken, pork, steak or seitan. All come heaped with daikon, carrot, lettuce and cilantro. The freshness of ingredients is impressive, and the sauces, from wasabi teriyaki to coconut curry, are novel. Each sandwich is wrapped in foil, perfect for a grab-and-go meal if you don’t have time to eat in.

I actually wouldn’t recommend eating in. You’re better off taking your sandwich to class and enjoying each bite during a tedious lecture. The