Jan. 19 Twit Picks

Maggie Kadifa

@CHETHAZE: All my girls in the fur hooded jackets and the leggings I see you (Jan. 12)

@bridgetdmac: played in untouched snow on the beach and made a snow angel in the middle of sheridan. i like to flirt with both danger and frostbite (Jan. 13)

@tinabaham: “don’t leave your room this weekend. You can have fun when your married and have a job” (Jan. 13)

@chmandlerspeaks: Can I deal with the cold? It’s snow problem. #winterpuns #butreallyitsfreezing (Jan. 14)

@lashtweets: “That woman could make voldemort cry” #overheardatdg (Jan. 15)

@lakenisahorcrux: finally put away my laundry after like 3 days of it sitting there…#collegegirlprobz (Jan. 16)

@tracysaywhaat: looking at 18th century porn in class #amiahipsteryet (Jan. 17)

Compiled by Maggie Kaifa