Five Words for…Betty White’s 90th birthday

Megan Patsavas

America’s favorite Golden-Girl-turned-spitfire had her 90th birthday this week! The Daily and The Current staffers share their birthday wishes:

“America’s favorite nonagenarian: still golden.”

-Chelsea Peng

“Got you a male stripper!”

-Annie Chang

“Why aren’t you A&O Speaker?”

-Manuel Rapada

“Makes her a Platinum Girl?”

-Elizabeth Steelman

“Please, don’t die this year.”

-Alyssa Mercado

“Can she be my grandmother?”

-Tanner Maxwell

“That cheesecake treated you well.”

-Brianna Keefe

“Happy Birthday! Be my grandma?”

-Aliza Weinberger

“Still enjoying your cherry-less muffin?”

-Derrick Clifton

“Keep that crusty muffin buttered!”

-Jillian Sandler

“Time for Betty’s sainthood yet?”

-Colleen Park

“Still in her golden years.”

-Elyse Roth