Meet the Columnist: Ani

Ani Ajith

I am a wannabe politician, complete with nascent megalomania, a suffocating, Manhattan-sized ego, and a fondness for dramatic movie soundtracks. I’m also an unabashed Family Guy fan, and enjoy spending time and traveling with my parents, sister (who’s 12 going on, like, 16), grandmother and other relatives.

If you engaged me in random conversation on Norris’ third floor (I’m one of those people), you’d find out that I’m currently a Political Science major and International Studies minor. I’m also an ASG Senator, serving students living off-campus — 40 percent of NU’s undergraduates.

A proud Indian citizen, I spent a richly varied childhood moving homes, cities and sometimes countries (India, Vietnam, and U.S.) every two years, thanks to my father’s career in the oil industry.

My family settled near Houston, Texas, A.K.A. Oil Capital, Earth. In Katy, a comfortable bubble of a suburb, I started and finished high school (four years in one house is a personal record).

A news junkie and staunch Obamacrat, my proudest moment was being among the million-plus people gathered on the National Mall to witness the inauguration of the 44th President.