Music: Uh Huh Her turns darkly gorgeous on ‘Nocturnes’

Jennifer Suh

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Fresh off the scandalicious rendezvous that made headlines and got them ejected from a Southwest flight, affectionate Uh Huh Her bandmates Leisha Hailey and Camila Grey are turning heads once again-this time, though, they’re attracting attention with their knockout second album Nocturnes.

Co-produced by UHH’s own Camila Grey and singer/songwriter and producer, Wendy Melvoin, Nocturnes is a notable step up from their previous album.

Uh Huh Her’s first album, Common Reaction, was pop/electronic. This follow-up, however, is “a rock album, not really electronic,” Grey says. As if to portray its title, Nocturnes, the group’s sound has become much darker – this may be in part because their new work was recorded at night.

Their first single, “Another Case,” flaunts its rich, quintessentially UHH sound, complete with a catchy melody polished off by a layer of mystique. This album also includes “Same High,” which was part of a Golden Globe nominated soundtrack album of the last year’s critically acclaimed movie The Kids Are All Right. I wouldn’t say this is a light and bright song, but the track is relatively upbeat and fun, and it is my personal favorite.

Hailey and Grey, however, both cite “Wake to Sleep” as their favorite track. Grey calls it a “a very literal song” – one that she wrote, in fact, about Hailey. This track stands out because this is one of the only dreamy and pleasant-listening songs on the album.

Though Grey was under the weather during their current Keep A Breast Tour to promote breast cancer awareness, the duo showcased many of the new songs from their latest album and the EP they released earlier this year. As a special addition to their show at the House of the Blues in Chicago, they covered Jeff Buckley’s “Yard of Blonde Girls.”

Hailey recently received extensive media coverage when she accused Southwest of discrimination via Twitter. Of the incident, Grey says simply, “I don’t fly [with] them anymore.”

As they continue with their Keep A Breast Tour during National Breast Cancer Prevention Month, Hailey said that they will be releasing three more videos from the album.

– Jennifer Suh