Foley to be released from Libyan custody after 42 days of imprisonment

Sean Lavery

James Foley (MSJ ’08) will be released from Libyan custody either Tuesday or Wednesday, the Associated Press reported.

Foley was captured outside the city of Brega, Libya on April 5 with at least two other journalists: Spanish journalist Manu Brabo and Harvard alum Clare Gillis. Tuesday marks 42 days since the beginning of the journalists’ captivity.

Foley’s parents last made contact with the captured alum April 23, when he was allowed a 5-minute phone call. He told his parents that he had been treated well and appreciated the thoughts and prayers of those advocating for his release.

The news comes after several weeks of silence due to the Turkish embassy’s exit of the country May 2 after NATO airstrikes killed the son of Col. Muammar Gadhafi. Foley’s mother, Diane Foley, said the embassy was pivotal in working towards James’ release.

Government spokesman Moussa Ibrahim told the Associated Press the journalists were held for “entering the country illegally.” He estimates their release should take place in the next day or two.

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