School buses collide in Evanston, 20 elementary-school children injured

Twenty elementary school students and one adult were taken to the hospital as a result of a bus collision late Tuesday morning, officials at the scene of the accident said.

None of the injuries appear to be life threatening, according to an emailed statement from Community Information Director Eric Palmer.

Two school buses from Chicago collided in a rear end collision at the intersection of Davis St. and Chicago Ave. around 11:06 a.m. when one of the drivers did not realize the bus in front had stopped suddenly due to traffic.

Fifty elementary school children from Rowe Elementary School in Chicago were on the buses. Evanston Police Department responded to the scene, and students are being transported to three area hospitals, including Evanston and St. Francis Hospitals.

Wilmette, Winnetka, Lincolnwood, Glencoe and Glenview all sent emergency resources.
Evanston Fire Chief Greg Klaiber said some of the children seemed “traumatized” by the event.
Children who were not injured were taken inside nearby business establishments, before the buses continued on to Northwestern.

A spokesman for the school confirmed that the Rowe Elementary School students were involved in the accident. He said he wasn’t sure what happened yet, but they’re investigating.

The students were on a field trip to see Northwestern campus. Their classes are named after universities and colleges, and the Northwestern class went on the trip.

Rowe Elementary School is operated by the Northwestern University Settlement Association, which was founded by NU in 1891 to provide resources to the West Town neighborhood.

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