Organic chemistry 5/4: Is a mutual love for rom-coms and Chinese enough to forge a connection?

Nigel Ng, McCormick freshman: We went to Kafein. The chair was comfortable too. We did some talking and drinking (coffee, that is). Sometimes we stirred the coffee.

Naomi Nason, Medill sophomore: It was definitely a little awkward at times, but that is expected in this kind of situation. We got our groove towards the end where we found topics that we had in comMonday, but the beginning was a little rocky.

Nigel: We talked about lots of things, actually-random stuff-and she can do a pretty cool southern accent. So I made her say sentences like, “My truck is bigger than your caravan.” We also touched on intellectual stuff like voyeurism, the gaze and films.

Naomi: We talked a lot about his comedy interest. He tried out a few of his jokes on me, and he was pretty funny. We went through the usual “Where are you from,” “What do you do on campus.”

Nigel: She’s wanted to be a journalist since she was eight. When I was eight, all I wanted to be was the kid who had the most candy. And she learned how to pronounce my last name.

Naomi: We have a mutual love of movies, specifically romantic comedies. We also both speak Chinese, though he doesn’t think mine is very good (I’ve been studying for six years, hmm). In terms of differences, Nigel is an engineer, which is way different from my Medill major. He is a comedian, and I am not funny at all.

Nigel: She also can’t multitask to save her life. She told me all she could do was chew gum and walk at the same time. If she had to run, she’d have to remove the gum. Poor Naomi.

Naomi: Nigel is a fun guy, but I wouldn’t say our date was the biggest success. I’m really glad I got to meet someone new and branch out. I don’t know that I’d be up for a second date.

Nigel: I had fun. She was a funny person. She’s also quite bubbly (personality, not body shape). I just wanted to try and see how a blind date really felt like, and it’s cool that it went well. Too bad it had to end in an hour. When I was paying, the waitress was like, “That was a quick date.” So I said, “Yeah, she said she had a meeting. Hopefully she wasn’t lying.”

Organic Chemistry is a feature organized by Sydney Bucksbaum. If you are interested in being set up on a blind date, email her at [email protected]