Wasting Light’ and the ‘Judas’ plight

By Janalynn Pugh

Just like any red, white and blue-blooded American, I love the hard-hitting drums, explosive vocals and heavy drums of classic alternative rock. Wasting Light, the newest release by the Foo Fighters is pure nirvana for the listener who is looking for good classic rock music.

It’s been four years since I’ve been able to listen to any new music by the Foo Fighters, and just when I thought I couldn’t listen to 2007’s “Echoes, Silence, Patience and Grace” anymore, the boys have released their newest studio album – or perhaps I should say garage album, for Wasting Light was reportedly recorded in Grohl’s garage – and do not disappoint.

Wasting Light sounds like Grohl’s heart and soul. The Nirvana-bred lead vocalist is rock royalty, but even I – a lowly college freshman – can relate to the heartache of the album’s 10th track, “I Should Have Known.” “I should have known/I was inside of you/I should have known/There was that side of you/Came without a warning/Caught me on a web/I should have known,” Grohl sings. Although these lyrics are a bit sappy, paired with Grohl’s signature screaming voice, Taylor Hawkins’ powerful drums and Chris Shiflett’s lead guitar, it’s yet another heavy-hitting track. “Wasting Light,” too, is big; Dave Grohl’s vocals are loud and the lyrics are earnest. Basically with the heavy drums and guitar, “Wasting Light” begs to be played as loud as your speakers can play it. The album’s first single “Rope” is no exception. Shiflett shines as his guitar solo defines the rest of the album: pure rock.

Wasting Light is just what Foo Fighter fans have been waiting for. The heavy guitar and speaker-melting vocals scream Nirvana inspired rocky goodness.

By Jennifer Suh

Playing devil’s advocate: In defense of Gaga’s ‘Judas’

Recently, some people are incredibly unhappy with Lady Gaga. With the release of her second single “Judas” on April 15, members of the Catholic church are explicitly expressing their discontent. One protester stood in front of her sold-out tour “Monster Ball” and handed her a “Get out of hell free” card when she approached him. He was especially displeased with her “pervert ways.”

While Gaga’s new single “Judas” does sound similar to her previous hit “Bad Romance,” that does not make this single any less authentic. Lady Gaga wrote both songs, and the similarities only illustrate that both of the singles are very Gaga. It could simply be a dance-pop single with her usual catchy chorus, but in fact, it’s actually a mix of many things: it has a little bit of metal and a touch of reggae. Moreover, it’s the darkest song she’s released so far. Go listen to it – it’s truly unique.

There is much controversy about the lyrics, but during her interview on “The Skorpion Show,” Lady Gaga said:

“Judas is about constantly walking towards the light in my life, but always sorta clutching onto the light while paring towards the devil in the back. I sing about what a Holy fool I am in that although moments about my life can be so cruel and relationships can be so cruel, I’m still in Judas; I still go back again and again to those evil things.”

In the video, which will reportedly be released over Easter, she will appear as a Mary Magdalene and Norman Reedus from The Walking Dead will star as Judas. Lady Gaga intends to begin her “cultural baptism.” Although I’m still unsure about what she exactly means by that, her upcoming video may help further explain her song and her thoughts.