The Daily Northwestern

Thumbs down to…double dipping pension law.

Former Evanston Fire Chief Alan Berkowsky has come under fire for “double dipping” on pension. His long service to Evanston’s fire department does and should entitle him to a pension from the city, but now that he also works for Winnetka’s fire department it calls into question pension policies. He might be following the law but he’s also profiting from it. Current legislation allows retired employees to receive a pension regardless of employment outside the city. Rather than just getting riled up, city officials and residents should view this as an occasion to review the very legislation making it possible for Berkowsky to double dip.

Thumbs sideways to…ASG’s wordy sidewalk flyers

Kudos to ASG for reminding people that, contrary to incessant insistence, it is productive. Their sidewalk flyers touting their achievements are great, except for one thing – their big accomplishments are buried amid lists of menial triumphs. If ASG really wants to prove their pull, they should focus on quality, not quantity. We think they should pick out a few of their proudest moments, like the ice skating rink or the postponed class drop date last quarter, and let everything else speak for itself. These demonstrate tangible benefits that ASG provides students, and that is something worth flyer-ing about.

Thumbs down to…Shurna in the NBA draft

John Shurna decided to enter the NBA Draft on Tuesday, and, although chances are high that he’s just exploring and trying to see his options, it’s still pretty terrifying. NU basketball is currently going through withdrawal symptoms after the premature departure of Kevin Coble for, well, no apparent reason. When Coble disappeared, Shurna took the mantle as the team’s best player, matching Coble with his absurd scoring, adequate rebounding, and awkward combination of athletic talents that somehow results in being good at basketball. Shurna has until May 8 to decide whether to come back for his senior season or take his chances on being a borderline NBA prospect. If he doesn’t come back, the loss of him and Juice Thompson will be way too much for NU to sustain, and NU’s tournament hopes will be dashed, along with the concept of NU players caring enough about their team to stay around for four full seasons. Not to sound like we’re begging him to come back, but, we’re begging him to come back.

Thumbs up to…NU supporting Foley’s release

It is crucial that the administration and students push for James Foley’s (MSJ ‘08) release from Libyan prison. We applaud University spokesman Al Cubbage’s announcement that NU administrators will do so through social media and hanging “Free Foley” posters around campus, but hope it will also make a concerted effort to get in touch with the State Department. There is hope now that Foley will be allowed to call home soon but the NU community should not rest until Foley is safely released. University administration should continue to raise awareness on campus and release a statement about how students can get involved with the cause. Foley is a member of the extended NU family and he needs all the help he can get. As a powerful institution, NU should use all the leverage it can muster to bring him home.