ASG election commission modifies electronic campaigning restrictions

Sean Lavery

The Associated Student Government election commission debated Thursday night before this year’s campaign season. Following last year’s controversial nonverbal campaign segment, several modifications were introduced to campaign guidelines including tighter restrictions on electronic communications.

Election Commissioner and Weinberg senior Elizabeth Broder said the guidelines are in effect as of March 4. Due to campaign complaints in previous years, nonverbal campaigning involving social networks such as Twitter and Facebook as well as flyers and listserv e-mails will not be allowed until April 4.

“Our big priority this election season is to be consistent and transparent,” Weinberg senior Reed Wilson said.

ASG will limit candidates to one campaign website, for which they are currently purchasing a domain name. The step to limit electronic communication is the result of accusations by several of last year’s candidates for guidelines violations. The group hopes to eliminate gray areas that were open for potential exploitation, Broder said.

“We’re looking forward to a very positive election season,” Broder said. “We hope for spirited debate through campus-wide student participation.”

Broder said they hope to hold a forum for interested possible candidates during reading week.

“Anyone who wishes to report possible violations should contact me by e-mail,” she said.

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