Reaction from the Twitterverse: B.o.B. for Dillo Day

The Daily Northwestern

@zwsilva: B.O.B. is supposedly playing Dillo Day 2011. That sucks. A lot. 2011

@alliegully: B.o.B. at Dillo Day?!?!? WHAT WHAT

@kzhu91: B.o.B. playing Dillo Day – Woo! Dillo Day’s gonna be “Magic” – this year’s got “Nothin’ on” last year


@TheVerboseVixen: @ ? Is this for real? Is B.O.B. really coming for Dillo Day? If so, someone on his publicity team is getting fired tomorrow…

@brozek14: b.o.b. for dillo day over aunt’s wedding?

@BoTruth: @ AT DILLO DAY! MAY 28th!!!