NUIT starts Wi-Fi upgrades in library

Sammy Caiola

Wi-Fi is faster at the University Library this quarter after NU Information Technology replaced 32 of its outdated access points this December.

NU Information Technology made the improvements in response to Associated Student Government efforts, said Wendy Woodward, director of technology support services.

NUIT is in the midst of a multi-year project to replace all of the old access points on campus, Woodward said. This project includes several phases. The first phase improved the wireless in central student locations, such as Norris University Center and the University Library, she said.

The project will also improve wireless at the Donald P. Jacobs Center, Annenberg Hall, Swift Hall, Lunt Hall and others, according to the project’s website.

Woodward said this is a standard NUIT project funded by NUIT’s budget because Wi-Fi on campus is monitored regularly.

Woodward also serves as chair of the ASG IT committee, which addresses student expectations and needs regarding technology. These discussions led to progress in the library, she said.

Gabby Daniels, ASG’s academic vice president, said she noticed the library Wi-Fi occasionally cutting out and heard other students say they also had difficulties.

“A lot of students go to the library to do work,” said Daniels, a Weinberg junior. “The library is putting more publications online, so having good Wi-Fi allows students more access to these publications.”

The library already had Wi-Fi, but many of its access points were outdated, said Hiro Kawashima, ASG’s vice president.

The library’s new wireless access points will allow faster connections, which means faster rates of downloading, Woodward said.

“The access points that were installed provide faster speed so that students accessing rich media content can do so more quickly,” she said.

In 2008, ASG succeeded in getting Wi-Fi for dormitories, according to Daily archives. Now it has its goals set even higher, on classrooms and lecture halls, Kawashima said.

“The University is realizing that Wi-Fi is the way to go and they need to install it,” said Kawashima, a Weinberg senior. “Some classrooms have already seen a lot of upgrades, but the goal is to install more access points on campus.”

Some students have already noticed changes in campus Wi-Fi.

“The wireless is definitely faster now,” Weinberg sophomore Celeste Mora said. “The other day I downloaded this huge pdf and it barely took any time.”

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