Editorial: Students should take high road in ‘brothel law’ debate

The Daily Northwestern

For years, The Daily’s editorial board has been encouraging Northwestern students to take a stand in Evanston politics. Yesterday, we struck a nerve.

The 500 students packed in McCormick Auditorium on Tuesday night are proof that what happens at 2100 Ridge Ave. (that’s where the Civic Center is for all who plan to attend the special City Council meeting at 7 p.m. on Jan. 31) impacts what happens east of Sheridan Road.

Students researched the issue and e-mailed aldermen. They stood up for themselves and questioned city officials. For once, we said what was on our mind.

But we also said laws like the one being debated make us want to urinate on Evanston residents’ lawns. And we told a city employee he smells like urine. These were separate incidents.

If we do not change the antagonistic nature of our dialogue, we will not change the antagonistic nature of town-gown relations in Evanston. This controversy will fade away, and another will pop up in a few years.

Northwestern, we know you’re angry about this law. And if you read our editorial yesterday, you know we think you have a right to be angry.

Now, it’s time to ask yourself how we can change what’s making us angry. Go to the next City Council meeting. Talk to your neighbors about the community you share. But don’t threaten to pee on their property.

Let’s take the high road. The one we’re on isn’t going anywhere.