The Daily’s Winter Quarter Edit Board announced

The Daily Northwestern

The Daily’s Winter Quarter Edit Board has been announced. The Board comprises the editor-in-chief, two managing editors and the top editor or editors of each section of the publication. New members are selected each quarter by the editor in chief from a pool of applicants. The Board is tasked with managing the publication and writing editorials.

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The 2011 Winter Quarter Editorial Board:

Editor-in-chief: Brian Rosenthal

Managing Editor, Print: Lark Turner

Managing Editor, Online: Chris Kirk

Campus Editor: Ben Geier

City Editor: Nathalie Tadena

In Focus Editors: Sean Walsh and Tania Karas

Sports Editors: Katherine Driessen and Ali Elkin

Forum Editor: Nicole Hong

Online Content Manager: Becky Olles

Entertainment Editor: Ashley Fetters

Development/Recruiting Editors: Amie Ninh and Jim An

Photography Editors: Mackenzie McCluer and Jim An

Video Editors: Mike Walton and Dan Q. Tham

Design Editor: Brittney Wong

News Editors: Elise De Los Santos, Kaitlyn Jakola and Elizabeth Male