Gameday: Fields snags game-winning grabs, accolades

Colin Becht

Ask sophomore wide receiver Demetrius Fields about any of his successes, and you’ll get a the same response each time.

“To God be the glory.”

After that, don’t expect a lot of specifics from him, whether it’s about a spectacular grab, a game-winning touchdown or an upcoming game at a certain historic stadium.

Fields hauled in the game-winning touchdown pass from junior quarterback Dan Persa in Northwestern’s 21-17 upset of Iowa.

“I don’t know what happened. I just saw the ball and I caught it,” Fields said. “I don’t remember what I did on the play. I remember the ball up in the air and then going to get it.”

Two weeks before that touchdown, Fields made an incredible 23-yard catch using just one hand at Indiana.

When asked about how to make a one-handed grab, he said, “I wish I knew the answer.”

While NU’s game this Saturday against Illinois at Wrigley Field has drawn national media attention, Fields, a native of Dallas, may be one of the few not overwhelmingly concerned with the game or its special setting.

“I don’t know a lot about the history (of Wrigley Field),” Fields said. “I know that it’s been a while since someone’s played (football) there.”

However, don’t take this seemingly spotty memory or lack of detail for an absence of caring. Coach Pat Fitzgerald said Fields is simply about taking care of his business and nothing more.

“I’m one of the most oblivious people that there is,” Fields said. “Football, church and school, and that’s it.”

Though the list is short, Fields takes great pride in each of them.

“In my mindset, Christianity is a relationship,” he said. “Christianity is the sole reason that I’m still here.”

Fields’s faith is a prominent aspect of his life, and Fitzgerald has taken note of it.

“He’s a very devout Christian, a very humble young man,” Fitzgerald said.

On the gridiron, while Fields is fourth on the team in receiving yards, his consistency remains impressive. Dating back to last season, Fields has caught a pass in 13 consecutive games. This season, he has 22 catches for 260 yards with one touchdown.

“Set your watch on D. Fields,” Fitzgerald said of the reliability of his wide receiver. “He’s a special, special kid.”

At 205 pounds, Fields is the biggest wide receiver at NU, something fellow wideout senior Sidney Stewart said Fields utilizes to his advantage.

“He uses what he has,” Stewart said. “He can create separation and use his body to shield defenders.”

Fields said he too is aware of his size and is always trying to maximize that advantage.

“I’m a little stronger than a lot of the DBs,” Fields said. “I try to steal some of the techniques from a lot of the bigger receivers because I model myself as that.”

Though only a sophomore, Fields has embraced the role as a leader among his fellow wide receivers.

“Demetrius is more vocal than I am,” Stewart said. “Demetrius has taken on a heavy role the past couple of weeks.”

While Fields will undoubtedly be looking to extend his reception streak, he said he’s looking forward to something else as well on Saturday.

“I’ve been downtown maybe a total of four times since I’ve been here,” Fields said. “Maybe I’ll stay awake this time and look at the sights while we’re going through the city.”

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