Associated Student Government will propose improved cell service, evaluate its initiatives

Sean Lavery

At Wednesday’s Senate meeting, Associated Student Government discussed the improvement of cell phone reception on campus and progress made this year on other initiatives.

ASG Vice President Hiro Kawashima explained the proposal process for improving cell phone reception in Technological Institute and other North Campus locations. He led a group of ASG members through Tech Wednesday night to determine problem areas. ASG plans to present the proposal to McCormick and University administrators.

“I can promise three things to you,” the Weinberg junior said. “We will develop and present a proposal next week. We will get a yes or no from McCormick or the administration. And if we get a no, we will get it on the UBPC (Undergraduate Budget Priorities Committee) survey.”

ASG President Claire Lew said the group has received an overwhelmingly positive response after improving cellular coverage in Norris University Center last summer.

“It’s something that’s been a common pain point among students,” the SESP senior said. “It’s been something we’re very proud of.”

The organization is determined to reevaluate their effectiveness as representatives of the student body and is preparing for its first self-evaluation since 2006.

ASG will form an ad-hoc committee consisting of Lew, Kawashima, four caucus-appointed senators, three executive members and one non-ASG student representative. The goals are increased transparency and student involvement in student government decision making, Lew said.

“If someone feels like they are not represented we want to see how we can make sure everyone is incorporated,” she said.

ASG’s last organizational evaluation was in 2006 when they decreased the 80 Senate representatives to 49.

“The changes were pretty big in 2006,” Lew said. “We’re looking to evaluate the structure as is. We want to figure out why those changes did occur.”

Kawashima said he hopes the evaluations will improve the organization.

“We want to improve our human capital,” he said.

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