SEED joins for environmental event

Sammy Caiola

Laundry hung out to dry on Norris University Center’s East Lawnon Sunday after Students for Ecological and Environmental Development teamed up with environmental-awareness organization to promote the organization’s Global Work Party.

SEED’s event was one of more than 5,000 environmental events happening worldwide on Sunday, SEED President Emmaline Pohnl said.

“We wanted to do something at Norris that would be visual, and that students could do as part of their everyday lives,” the SESP senior said. “Hanging laundry saves money and energy.”

The clotheslines spelled “350” from the air. The name “350” comes from what is considered to be a safe amount of carbon dioxide in the air, according to Earth’s current carbon dioxide levels are about 390parts per million, Pohnl said.

Hannah Greene, a SEED member, said she hung her clothes to help students understand’s mission.

“Most people didn’t know what 350 was, so we felt pretty informative,” the Communication junior said. “If we tell someone, they might bring it up in dinner conversation with somebody else, and that’s how we raise awareness.”