Letter to the Editor: Party smart and be respectful on Dillo Day

Dear Northwestern Community:

We are writing this letter as fellow students who love Northwestern and who could not be more excited for Dillo Day this Saturday. In these final weeks of the school year, we have an opportunity to demonstrate that we are not only compassionate and upstanding members of this campus, but also conscientious and respectful members of the Evanston community.

Unfortunately, we have a long history of rocky town-gown relations with Evanston, with this year being particularly tense in light of recent events. But this imperfect past is all the more reason for us to be both the best NU students and the best Evanston residents we can be moving forward.

We encourage you to take the small steps to maintain strong relationships with your neighbors. For example, please introduce yourselves to them and offer your number. Let them know when you’re having a party and encourage them to call you before they resort to other measures. Remind visiting friends that ultimately you are responsible for their behavior. And, of course, be smart and don’t litter or vandalize.

More than ever, now is the time to behave like the respectful and responsible students we are. We would love to have you join us and clean up neighborhoods the day after Dillo Day at the ASG-Evanston reNUvation on Sunday, May 30, from noon – 3 p.m. This event is a unique opportunity to work alongside residents and foster goodwill within the city.

Please sign up here: norris.northwestern.edu/community.php, and take part with your friends, fraternity/sorority or student group.

Thank you for your understanding, and let’s come together to ensure that what we love about Northwestern continues to flourish.

– Claire LewASG President

– Hiro KawashimaASG Vice-President

– Liz BroderASG Off-Campus Senator

– Jeff CaoASG Off-Campus Senator

– Daniel DiorioASG Off-Campus Senator

– Reed WilsonASG Off-Campus Senator

– Michael Beadle Intefraternity Council (IFC) President

– Kate ButlerPanhellenic Association (PHA) President

– Jesus RomanResidential Hall Association (RHA) President

– Stephanie Tang Residential College Board (RCB) President