Thumbs: Wrigley, laundry, Earth Day

The Daily Northwestern

Thumbs down to the end of the NU lacrosse winning streak.

With 41 straight wins and a record 58 consecutive victories at home, the NU women’s lacrosse team fell to North Carolina in a home game Sunday. While other NU sports have fumbled in the spotlight, lacrosse had served as a much needed morale boost for the school. Still, the lacrosse team deserves credit for their upbeat attitude in the wake of such a disappointing loss. Hopefully, come May, this loss will be forgotten in the wake of another National Championship.

Thumbs down to the cancellation of student study abroad programs in Mexico

In light of the growing violence south of the border, NU issued a travel advisory that led to the cancellation of study abroad trips to Mexico for the upcoming summer. Students are now left scrambling to alter their travel plans to let them study in an NU-approved country that also suits their interests. While NU’s decision is understandable and perhaps necessary, the timing and execution of the trip cancellations was unfortunately poor.

Thumbs up to NU athletics for announcing next years football game at the Wrigley Field

What’s long been rumored is finally confirmed: NU will be playing a football game at The Friendly Confines in November. This is a great piece of publicity for a program that oftentimes has trouble getting the type of coverage they deserve. How often have the NU faithful wondered when anyone would pay attention to the team? NU football will take center stage, and purple pride will be on display for the entire country to see.

Thumbs up to the eight NU undergrads who swept Congressional scholarships and other big name fellowships these past few weeks.

Four students were awarded Goldwater Scholarships, two were named Udall Scholars, one received a Bienecke Scholarship and another was named as a Merage Fellow. Between them they span the undergraduate schools and a variety of majors. Some will study Renaissance Italy, others will continue their environmental engineering research at the graduate level. Regardless, they all serve as a reminder of the kinds of people you can count among your peer group at NU.

Thumbs up to Evanston and NU for having an abundance of environmental programs planned for Earth Day.

Earth Day may not be the most exciting day to celebrate, but that doesn’t make it any less important. From discussions in the city to a presentation by Jean-Michel Cousteau-son of the famous Jacques-the numerous activities related to conservation and eco-consciousness were well appreciated and a fitting observation of the day.

Thumbs up to the unveiling of a revamped laundry system in the dorms

Doing laundry in the dorms will get a high-tech upgrade with the addition of a LaundryView system which will let students check for available machines and keep track of their clothes from their rooms. While the switch to the new system has been bumpy at best, the end result will make laundry easier and more user friendly for NU students living in dorms.