He Said/She Said: Alessio Manti and Claire Lew text message exchange

Sean Collins Walsh

Text message exchange: Sunday, 8:45 p.m. to Monday, 3:01 p.m. (Messages copied verbatim from Lew’s iPhone and confirmed by Manti)

Manti:“One of your campaign staffers went through Plex and tore down all the flyers and quarter sheets that were up. The tone that’s being set is incredibly disappointing to me.”

Lew:“Hi Alessio, I am sorry to hear that happened, but I assure you it was not someone on my campaign as I do not condone such actions.”

Manti:“Well I hope you’d make it clear that actions like that are unacceptable. I trust you to set a better tone than this, but I’ve been disappointed now a few times in some of the actions and things that have been said.”

Lew:“My actions are as good as my word. I apologize again and hope we can move forward.”

Manti:“Flyers and quarter sheets have been ripped down in Bobb and the Mid Quads. This is not acceptable, you need to set a a better tone for your staff and supporters or bear responsibility for their actions.”