The Weekly Memo

Jeremy Gordon

When I was a wee freshman in the fall of 2006, I dreamed of editing the weekly, back when it was called PLAY. The paper’s mix of entertainment and humor seemed like the journalism I wanted to be doing, rather than reporting on school council meetings. My first article was a review of a Ben Kweller concert, or maybe it was an interview with Xiu Xiu-I don’t remember, and The Daily’s Web archives are spotty.

I’ve written for the weekly/PLAY for every quarter I’ve been at Northwestern, and after working under Nick Jackson and Kyle Berlin, I finally got the chance to do it my way. What I found was that my way wasn’t that different, but the process was super enjoyable. Thinking about how this is my last quarter at NU, I’m a little sad about it. I could have done more, but who couldn’t?

A huge thanks to my editorial staff this quarter: Sara Peck, Margaret Rhodes, Coco Keevan, Brittney Wong, Jaimie Vaillancourt and Jennifer Haderspeck have all done fantastic jobs, and the weekly would be crappy without them. I’m thinking of our excellent younger writers-Christina Walker, Alyssa Meza, Sarah Spielberger, Yoonie Yang, Andrew Cho and John Warlick, to name a few-and wondering what the weekly will look like when they’re editors. I’m thinking about 100 years from now, when this will all be dust and forgotten memories, and smiling at what a fun ride it’s been. Thanks for reading, guys.