Hotel Orrington to be rebranded as a Hilton hotel, not structurally replaced

Katie Park

The Hotel Orrington will be converted into a Hilton hotel over several months but will retain many of its current services, General Manager Russ Abell said.

After the hotel, located at 1710 Orrington Ave., announced its conversion to a Hilton, management received many calls from people concerned about the changes that will take place, Abell said. Many callers thought Hilton would be replacing, not rebranding the hotel, he said.

Abell said the hotel will change its signs to reflect its renaming to the Hilton Orrington. In addition, the hotel will equip its fitness room with more exercise machines to fit the brand’s standards, he said.

“(The hotel) will only be made better by the assets and resources by the Hilton hotel,” Abell said.

Abell said the hotel will participate in Hilton’s reservation and guest services, including a frequent guest point program.

“A major brand brings with it such a greater outreach to every segment in the market … much more than an independent hotel,” Abell said.

The hotel’s owner, Greenfield Partners, is converting the hotel into a Hilton after receiving a $14.5 million loan from Los Angeles-based lender Mesa West Capital. Seth Levin, an associate at Mesa West, told THE DAILY on Feb. 17 the hotel should be running as a full-service Hilton in several months and will remain open the entire time.

Hilton also operates the Hilton Garden Inn, 1818 Maple Ave.