Blotter: Feb. 17

Grace Johnson

Student refuses treatment after collapsing in Sargent

A male Northwestern student collapsed in a dining hall Monday afternoon, University Police said.

The student fell while standing in line at Sargent Hall, 2245 Sheridan Road, a SodexoUSA employee who witnessed the incident said.

The student regained consciousness quickly. He said he felt tired and hadn’t eaten for many hours because he was studying for exams, Deputy Chief Dan McAleer said.

Evanston Fire Department officials reported to the scene, but the student refused transport to the hospital, police said.

Police investigate student harassment via e-mail

An unknown suspect has been sending harassing e-mails to a male NU student, police said.

The e-mails have been sent continuously since September 2009, McAleer said.

Police could not comment further at this time, but they are continuing to investigate.