The Weekly Memo

Jeremy Gordon

Do you know where your roommate is at night? It may not be the question on everyone’s mind as they stagger home at 2 a.m. loaded on Skol and sexual frustration, but if you believe the stats then they’re probably being mugged. Or lit on fire. Or getting called dirty words.

Crime happens, kids-it’s not fun to think about, but the last thing you want to say when talking to the police is, “I didn’t think it could happen to me.” Karina Martinez-Carter gives us her take on off-campus crime at NU-and what she finds may make you rethink your late-night exit strategy. Alyssa Wells critiques outfits at Tracy Morgan’s stand-up show last week, and Megan Crepeau waxes poetic about “Roadrunner” by The Modern Lovers, a jam that may be one of the finest odes to driving ever recorded. Aly Meza interviews indie dilettante Sondre Lerche for our Almost Famous section, and Jaimie Vaillancourt tells us why students decide to take a year off after graduating high school.

In addition, we’re expanding our Web presence with a brand-new Facebook fan page! Search for “The Weekly,” become a fan, spread the word, read our stories, feel the love. We’ve also got a new comedy show called “Friday Night Sleepover,” about three Evanston Township Junior High students (read: senior comedians) who can’t stop following the lives of NU boys-check it out and laugh until you puke. Until we meet again, faithful fans.