The Weekly Memo

Jeremy Gordon

Isn’t the start of Winter Quarter grand? The weather isn’t quite cold enough to bust out the layers, so people traipse up and down Sheridan in leggings, mini-skirts, hands missing gloves, heads missing hats, bodies missing frostbite… it’s wonderful to see everyone so optimistic about the temperature, thinking this is as bad as it gets. In a few weeks we’ll be skipping morning classes because the five-minute walk is too painful, and for those of us on South Campus who have to go to Tech? Forget understanding your Stats homework for a few weeks.

Cold weather aside, we’ve got a wonderful issue for you this week (But again, I think all of them are wonderful). Emily Levin pens a daunting tale about the reality of living with epilepsy in college, Rachel Silverman gives us the best things to do in Chicago this week if you’re tired of Evanston (and who isn’t?) and Mac LeBuhn gives his take on the Democrats’ dastardly defeat in Massachusetts. Christina Walker checks in with The Antlers, everyone’s favorite depressing indie rock band, and Kate Bernot talks about her love for school uniforms in Why We Like.

Check out our exclusive Web content at Spielberger’s got a gripping review on Adam Green’s concert at Lincoln Hall last week, and our columnists are cooking up their usual magic. As usual, stay warm.