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Weekly Editors

DANCE DANCE NORTHWESTERN While everyone was fawning over John Park and his dashing ab definition, another NU kiddie was making it (kinda) big. Nikkitasha Marwaha, a Zeta sophomore, has made it onto ‘Dance India Dance,’ Mumbai’s lovechild between ‘So You Think You Can Dance?’ and ‘American Idol.’ TV execs decided to hold auditions in the United States for the first time, so Marwaha’s mother, a fan of the show, encouraged her to try out. Marwaha sent in a video shaking it like the best of them, and was invited for an interview and auditions in Mumbai. Now she’s in the Top 14 (out of 40,000 hopefuls at the original stage of the competition), and will be at the mercy of a bunch of texting voters and judges. She misses NU, says her friend and volunteer PR maven Sravya Yeleswarapu, but don’t get too choked up all you crown-wearers– she’ll most likely be back even if she wins. ‘Of course! I miss all the good memories especially with school, friends, classes and dance groups. NU has become a huge part of my life, and I felt so comfortable there! Going from that to being in Mumbai, I feel as if I am in a strange place because now I am in a competitive world and have to make new friends,’ Marwaha says. ‘It’s quite an experience but nevertheless I am enjoying it here as well because dance is my passion.’ We’re bubbling with Bollywood-style pride, but we’re left wondering if there’s some way to get pirated Indian cable.

THERE’S NO WAY I’M GETTING THIS OUT OF MY HAIR On an ordinary Friday last week, little Wildcats picked out their most ill-fitting baby tees, camel-toe shorts and spray tan for the social event of the season: the Jersey Shore-themed party at Lumen! Who can even go to class with this kind of anticipation? In 10 a.m. lectures across campus, people debated the merits of Hooters shirts and dresses that were really shirts. But, horror of all horrors, the soiree was cancelled the night of! Say it ain’t so…NOW what are we supposed to do with these fancy blowouts and lick-on Italian flag tattoos? It was almost as bad as the time the ‘Israeli girl’ went postal on Pauly and tried to break his groove on the boardwalk, or maybe when all of those phallic pickles were put under Snooki’s bed. All was not lost, however. A woman was still doing free male blowouts in the bathroom (read that phrase twice), and they still held a best hair contest. In the lame subsitution category, we have Delta Chi, which held a similar party on Saturday. Too bad all the freshmen were too hot on the trail of pimpled juniors to actually be creative. We mean, how many times has Snooki ever worn leggings and a plaid shirt? Whatever, we advocate that everyone screw those philanthropic spring break options and road trip to the actual shore. We’ll bring the protein powder! ‘