The Weekly Memo

Jeremy Gordon

Even though rush took over Northwestern for the last week-and-a-half, you don’t have to let it ruin your life. Let that beer belly show! Throw on those jorts, ill-advised as they are! Let yourself go and don’t worry about impressing other people! In the safety of your room and the glow of your TV, no one will nag you.

For those of us who still have to weave through the detritus of the Greek system, it’s a little tougher. Alex Arkin chimes in with a cover story on international students who find difficulty in navigating the rush process, our Social Diary follows a freshman girl in the throes of sorority fever and we’ve got an excellent True Love Ways from assistant editor Coco Keevan on the pitfalls of Greek hierarchy. If you read all this and get sick of rush, never fear: Our Fashion Breakdown features students who were too busy being deactivated from their frats and sororities to help out with Bid Night, Pref Night or Night Light.

Bad joke, har har har. We also got in touch with Nelson Fitch, photo editor of STITCH, and explored the upcoming Vagina Monologues production that will have us tingling in our seats. We’ve also started publishing online content every day, including a brand-new cast of columnists and exclusive interviews and reviews by our wonderful staff. All that can be found at, so check it out, you turkeys! Thanks for reading.