Blotter 1/12

Grace Johnson

Police pull over man with bloody nose at traffic stopNorthwestern police pulled over a Chicago resident early Monday morning in Evanston for a traffic violation and discovered he had been involved in a domestic fight, police said.

Police noticed the man running a traffic light in the 1600 block of Chicago Avenue and pulled him over at 1635 Hinman Ave., NU Deputy Police Chief Dan McAleer said.

When police approached the man in the car they noticed a blood splatter near the window and found that the man had a broken nose, police said.

The man claimed he had been in a fight and was hit by his girlfriend, McAleer said.Police called the driver’s girlfriend who confirmed the story.

The man decided not to press charges and was advised by police to take a taxi home because of his emotional state, McAleer said.

Jewelry missing from Evanston homeA woman reported a ruby ring with diamonds missing from her home Saturday, police said.

The item might have disappeared during a delivery of furniture from a local department store, Evanston Police Cmdr. Tom Guenther said.

Police are investigating.