Blotter: Jan. 11

Grace Johnson

Mysterious man follows NU student

An unknown man followed a female Northwestern student for the second time Saturday morning, police said.

The student was walking from her residence, Ayers College of Commerce and Industry, 2324 Campus Dr., to the University Library, 1970 Campus Dr., when she noticed a stocky man in his 50s wearing a light brown coat nearby, Northwestern Deputy Police Chief Dan McAleer said.

The man followed the student into the reference section, where he sat down at a computer.

The student, believing she was followed, left the library and went to Starbucks in Norris University Center, 1999 Campus Dr., McAleer said.

A few minutes later, the student left Norris and saw the man coming up the steps toward the center. At that time, she returned to her residence and reported the incident, police said.

A similar incident occurred in December when the same man tried to talk to the student. The student ignored him and he walked away, McAleer said.

Police told the student to report the incident immediately if it ever occurred again.

Child hits pool wall, cuts lip

A male child unaffiliated with NU cut his lip after hitting the side wall of the pool at Sports Pavilion and Aquatics Center, 2311 Campus Dr., Sunday afternoon, police said.

The child was transported to Evanston Hospital by the city’s fire department, McAleer said.