Confirmed & Denied

Weekly Editors

Coolio Channels The Jersey ShoreWhile Coolio may have lit up the charts when we were still being dressed by our moms, cavorting with the “Gangsta’s Paradise” star during Ski Trip over Winter break was easier than waving your blacked out hands in the air like you just don’t care. When Coolio finally took the stage way later than scheduled (rumors were circulating that he was too drunk/high/whatever to perform), he acknowledged between songs to a swaying crowd of Northwestern students he was old enough to be their “daddy.” This recognition, however, did not stop him from preying on a number of the co-eds in attendance. Unfortunately, his persistence went beyond hoisting frightened-looking females over his shoulder and carrying them around the stage while performing. When he retired to his “green room” after the show, the female senior who had won of a free copy of Cooking with Coolio went back to have it autographed. He had her sit on his lap, craned his neck around and, staring at her chest, said, “Feed me.” The strange comments continued when he, after spotting a different senior female, said to his posse, “She looks like she has a small cervix.” He then turned to the (allegedly) small-cervixed girl and said, “But I can dilate it for you.” Later, after she had finally escaped (literally-he had pulled her onto his lap and wrapped his leg around her so she couldn’t move), he came back up to her and said, “You should trade in these small fries for a Big Mac.” He then grabbed her face and tried to make out with her. Her response? “I’m a vegetarian.”

The Most Exciting Stunt YetIf you thought the Krissy Cox PR nightmare was the worst thing going on with those pom-pom shakers, you were wrong. Two ex-cheerleading coaches have been prowling the team’s practices lately. Anthony Ryan and Danny Rose, who some say drove some cheerleaders to resign, showed up to practice unannounced and tried to reconnect with their former students. Adding alcohol to the problem doesn’t make it better; Ryan was allegedely plastered at the Outback Bowl carrying on about his former purple glory. What? Be drunk at a football game over the age of 22? Shame on him.

Bruised ego…and face..and tail?If being trapped in a heavy cat mask and costume made of non-breathable fabric wasn’t bad enough, poor Willie the Wildcat (actually, there are six of them) has to take a physical beating, too. At one game, the poor co-ed beneath the feline costume got the utter poop kicked out of him by fans of the opposing team, but couldn’t fight back for fear that his mask would fall off. Now Willies have to travel in twos-one to pose with kiddies and their overzealous parents, and one to serve as a furless bodyguard. Grrrr?

Editor’s Note: This original version of this story has been edited.