Alexandra Ilyashov

Ever since I can remember, I’ve had a quirky habit of saving the choicest part of anything I’m eating to relish as the last bite. It could be a morsel of marinated mushroom, the buttery rind of a pie crust or the terrain of a pizza slice with optimal sauce-to-cheese ratio. I’ve divulged my bizarre mentality of how to properly savor food as an analogy for our fall farewell issue. I’m particularly proud to present the debut food edition, a cornucopia of verbal food porn. I’d like to think we saved some of the best, or at least tastiest, for last. Hopefully your taste buds will be riled by a Post-Grad Pursuit on the remarkable Karen Page’s success as a food writer – a James Beard-acclaimed author – or perhaps by the succulent Food Diary. Mix in Alexandra La Manna’s savory gallivanting around Chicago in our cover spread, plus seven exclusively edible events in Week by Weekly; clearly, we’ve taken to the stovetop in every nook and nibble of this issue. As one delightfully ridiculous rapper-cum-cookbook author might phrase it, us editors have been living in a Foodie’s Paradise. (Check out Low Brow for more on cookin’ Coolio.) I doubt, though, I’ll be taking culinary cues from a ’90s rap star anytime soon, considering the impressive amount of cooking in my house this quarter. Saturday trips to the farmer’s market and dinners consisting of decadent risottos, squash soufflés and crisp kale concocted in a Dutch oven? Definitely not what I expected when making the move off campus. These unexpected routines of delicious domesticity have instilled a deeper sense of foodie awe in me and underscore the pleasures of noshing with my favorite people. Finally, it’s with this issue – and a hearty dose of sentimentality – that I’m signing off as Editor of the weekly. It feels a whole lot like the bittersweet moment following that prized final taste on my plate.