Confirmed and Denied

Weekly Editors

HEAVEN AT THE SEVEN7-Eleven isn’t exactly the go-to for authentic ethnic cuisine unless your idea of good Thai is a just-add-hot-water noodle bowl with enough sodium to kill a small animal. At the 7-Eleven on Emerson, however, the owners began making homemade Indian food a month ago and are selling it on the cheap in the back of the store. Chicken biryani, spinach paneer and garbanzo beans in a spicy red sauce are among the treasures you’ll find in individually-portioned Tupperware-style containers. Most are priced under $5, and side dishes like homemade yogurt go for much less. Look in the refrigerated section between the Lunchables and the pickles in bags. But plan your visit for Thursdays or Saturdays when the owners replenish the stock. Dropping by on a Wednesday will probably mean you’ll be checking out with Doritos and a Big Gulp for lunch.BURGER BUZZNot many restaurants in Evanston get much attention from Chicagoans, but Edzo’s, a burger joint that opened Oct. 13, is at center stage. Eddie Lakin, a former chef at Nacional 27, Bin 36 and Tru, grinds the beef fresh every day for his burger patties (and you might find as many as three patties in one sandwich). The onion rings are battered in buttermilk and the French fries come slathered in chili, cheese, Italian beef gravy or a host of other condiments. Wash it all down with a $4 milkshake. And if you don’t like burgers, you won’t go hungry. Try the inside-out grilled cheese, patty melt, corn dog, Sheboygan brat or the peanut butter and bacon sandwich, inspired by Lakin’s childhood pancake concoction. But make sure to get there before 4 p.m.! Lakin says on his blog he likes to read to his kids before they fall asleep each night, which means no late night munchies… or dinner. (Edzo’s Burger Shop, 1571 Sherman Ave., 847-864-3396) THANKSGIVING WITH SODEXHOAs though we don’t get enough dining hall food. A lucky few who somehow aren’t sick of Sodexho signed up (before Monday’s deadline) for a catered Thanksgiving meal from nuCuisine. A meal for six costs $115, and for eight to 10, $160. The offer includes turkey breasts with gravy, mashed potatoes, green beans or brussel sprouts, vegetarian sage stuffing, jellied cranberry sauce, dinner rolls, butter and either pumpkin pie or pecan pie. But we did a little digging on our own (Sodexho could not possibly be the only option for students who don’t want to baste a turkey). If you’re willing to reheat, hit up Jewel-Osco. The Culinary Circle Premium Turkey Dinner feeds eight and includes a 10-12 lb. Butterball hen, turkey gravy, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, green bean casserole, cranberry apple salad, dinner rolls, stuffing and a 10″ pumpkin pie. All this will only set you back $69.99 – which is $90 less than nuCuisine’s spread. Place your order online: Go to and click on “Holiday Meals.” Happy reheating!