Firing Squad: Ditch SafeRide, hoof it instead

Danny Daly

Northwestern’s SafeRide service seems to be one of the most popular targets of student criticism. But I find it ridiculous SafeRide is necessary at all.

No two spots on campus (excluding the sports fields on Central Street) are farther than 12 minutes apart. I routinely trek to Ryan Field or Welsh-Ryan Arena and back, sometimes in the dark, and find the three-mile round trip enjoyable.

Don’t feel like walking that much? The exercise could probably do you some good. Last I checked, America’s got a pretty bad obesity problem.

Too cold outside for you? Throw on a coat and tough it out. It builds character. Some people have to sleep out in the frigid weather, you know.

Afraid of getting mugged or sexually assaulted? Find a friend to accompany you, or take martial arts lessons and learn to defend yourself. Plus, you’re probably more likely to be raped by getting drunk at a party and going home with someone.

It’s like there’s a sense of entitlement, as if NU students deserve to be chauffeured from door-to-door and occasionally throw up in the car. The only good that comes out of SafeRide is it helps the drivers afford their preposterously expensive educations. And still, they sometimes have to endure the venom of their plastered, unappreciative peers.

If you really need transportation or are physically disabled, NU has a shuttle system that runs pretty late and stops just about everywhere you would want to go. You can always call a cab, too – being lazy should have a price.

Otherwise, stop being a wuss and walk. – Danny DalySports beat reporter