Letter: Solution for Great Room requires city, NU to unite

Mr. Fox states in his Nov. 13 letter “No reason for fuss about new student Great Room” he does not “get” the concerns of the alderman and neighbors regarding the Great Room. Perhaps he could discuss the matter with Ald. Fiske, who has always been approachable and ready to explain her position to me in simple enough terms for me to “get” it. It would also seem to be more productive to treat the neighbors with dignity and to have a dialogue with them, rather than to accuse them of making a “fuss.” As a faculty member, neighbor of the University and alumna, I would prefer to see all parties cooperate and accord each other respect. Name-calling and trivializing anyone’s position simply will not resolve the issue but will only lead to further misunderstanding, which does not benefit anyone. Mr. Fox put the effort into writing a letter to the editor; I request he use that same interest in this matter as a motivator to communicate with everyone involved – such a conversation seems more likely to result in a mutually beneficial solution. – Padma RaoFeinberg ’92Clinical assistant professor,Department of Radiology, Feinberg School of MedicineEvanston resident