Blotter: Police stop student with beer cup on Ridge; Firefighters break down Chi Psi frat door

Katie Park

Police stop student with beer cup on Ridge

A Northwestern student spotted with a red plastic cup Saturday morning walked away from police despite being ordered to stop, police said.

A patrol car with a University Police officer and an Evanston Police officer saw a SafeRide car blocking traffic outside 2015 Ridge Ave., said University Police Deputy Chief Dan McAleer.

hen the officers sounded an airhorn to get the driver to move, a student standing near the car tossed a cup of amber liquid into the grass and quickly walked away, McAleer said.

Although an officer told the student to stop, the student continued walking and entered 2015 Ridge Ave., McAleer said. The officers said a party appeared to be occurring at the residence.When the student exited the residence, officers stopped him, McAleer said. He told officers the red cup he threw away had contained beer.

The 19-year-old student was issued a citation for underage possession of alcohol.

Firefighters break down Chi Psi frat door with ax

Fire department members broke down a door with an ax in order to silence a fire alarm at Chi Psi fraternity early Sunday morning, police said.

When officers responded to a fire alarm at Chi Psi fraternity house, 2313 Sheridan Rd., around 1:15 a.m., a resident told them he had seen an unknown student holding a fire extinguisher, McAleer said. The resident told police he did not know the student.

Fire and Life Safety Services located the building’s KNOX-BOX Rapid Entry System, which usually contains building keys for fire departments to use in an emergency, but the keys were missing, McAleer said. The fraternity’s president, who had keys to the building, was not in town. The fire panel used to silence the alarm was behind a locked door, McAleer said, so they used an ax to break down the door and silence the alarm.