Survey in Norris

Weekly Editors

After editing this week’s cover story, we knew very few consider on-campus housing ideal in their senior year, but exactly what percentage? We polled 100 undergrads in Norris and ended up with a surprising 20 percent who would consider on-campus housing as an upperclassman. “I lived in an apartment over the summer and don’t want to be bothered by cooking” was perhaps the most convincing argument we heard, but other situations were worth considering. One senior says she currently lives in on-campus housing because house- and apartment-hunting while she was abroad her junior year was too difficult and unsuccessful. Those who decided against on-campus living usually use the same key words and phrases: “kitchen,” “fun,” “I hate the meal plans.” What can we say? The dining hall and Greek kitchen versions of beef stroganoff and seared halibut somehow seem to have a different chemical makeup than what Mom made.

Would you (or did you) seriously consider living in on-campus housing senior year?

No: 80 percent

Yes: 20 percent