Confirmed and Denied

Weekly Editors

ONE FEWER COSTUME CHOICEIf you were considering dressing as an illegal alien this weekend, we hope you already bought your costume – stores are sold out. (Just as well; now you know your idea wasn’t that creative after all.) After Target pulled an “illegal alien costume” off its shelves recently (probably to avoid being sued), a group of citizens against amnesty for illegal aliens, Americans for Legal Immigration PAC (ALIPAC), took the opportunity to advertise. The group sent out a press release asking illegal-alien haters to make the controversial costume the “Most Popular Costume of Halloween 2009.” Ten hours and 400 viral Web site postings later, the costume was sold out of online stores. “I think it is great that this attempt to censor free political expression in America is backfiring on the illegal alien Amnesty supporters who went after Target over this costume,” says William Gheen, the ALIPAC president, in a press release. “This costume is going to be the most popular costume of 2009 because 78 percent of Americans oppose any path to citizenship for illegal aliens.” That last bit may be a stretch – most costume buyers probably don’t expect their Halloween purchases to have much political consequence. Gheen should have considered wittiness and/or sluttiness as the strongest motives in costume selection, at least among the college population. GREEK REPORTLast night saw a mess of Greek activities, including Phi Delta Theta’s Phright Night, a costume-clad excursion to a barn somewhere in Indiana, and the philanthropic bar night Piketoberfest from the men of Pi Kappa Alpha. (Why does that last one strike us as an oxymoron? Maybe because drinking for charity sounds too good to be true.) But this week’s events are one short when considering Halloween weeks past. What happened to the epic Zeta Beta Tau Halloween extravaganza? Last year, the fraternity packed nine buses with NU students and still ran out of seats. Many of the members didn’t even make it to the bar because they couldn’t fit on the buses. ZBT president Josh Wasserman wouldn’t answer our questions, but we suspect the Halloween festivity is on hold for the same reason too many annual nights of debauchery we love have met their demise: The fraternity is on social probation. We hope Phright Night and Piketoberfest were memorable (or your friends at least will remind you that you had fun), because ZBT’s leaving us high and dry.THREE C’S: COOLIO, CONCERT, COLORADO“Coolio’s going on ski trip, why shouldn’t you?” The Ski Club e-mail sent out Tuesday made a good point. Your ski trip ticket now not only gets you four days of skiing and six guaranteed nights in a bed, but also free admission to see Coolio perform, along with other guest artists. How did Ski Club finagle this one? “We had an entertainment budget of a given amount,” Executive Board Member John Webber says. “We said, if possible, we’d like to book a big-name performer, someone to get Northwestern students excited about the trip and to add some value.” Details like date and venue are still in the works, but Coolio’s booked and on board. Ski Club will use the vast majority of its entertainment budget to pay for Coolio’s performance, but the rapper might have opening acts – most likely someone “already in Colorado who will come out and jam for a night,” Webber says. Looks like we’ll be spending time in a snowy (we just mean the stuff that falls from the sky…) Gangsta’s Paradise.