Blotter: stolen rum, marijuana possession

Man steals three rum bottles from storeA man stole three bottles of alcohol from an Evanston grocery store Friday night, police said.

A security guard at Food 4 Less, 2400 W. Main St., told police he saw a black man in his mid-20s try to steal four bottles of Bacardi liquor. The guard tried to stop the man and was able to take back one bottle before the man escaped, said Evanston Police Cmdr. Tom Guenther.

The man fled west on Main St. in a red Ford with the three bottles , valued at around $70 total.

Police are still investigating.

Suspected sign thief found with marijuana

A student suspected of stealing CTA signs was found in possession of cannabis Saturday morning, police said.

A community service officer from Sargent Hall, 2245 Sheridan Road, told police a Northwestern student left a CTA purple line sign in the dorm lobby at 1:32 a.m. When officers went to question the student, they smelled cannabis coming from his room.

The student told police he found the sign at the Noyes Street CTA station. Another CTA sign, this time from the red line, was hanging up in the room, said University Police Deputy Chief Dan McAleer. The student told police the sign belonged to his roommate, who was not present.

A marijuana vaporizer and a glass container with marijuana were also in the room, McAleer said. Police seized the items and issued the student a city ordinance ticket. He and two other students in the room were referred to NU Student Affairs.

A representative for the CTA told police that CTA signs are not available for purchase by the general public.