Blotter: spray-painting victim, student flees after drug bust

Grace Johnson

Local non-profit center victim of spray-painting

Vandals have repeatedly spray-painted a local non-profit center, police said.

They have vandalized the SHORE Lois Lloyd Center, 2525 Church St., over the past three weeks, said Evanston Police Cmdr. Tom Guenther.

Red paint was used to write the letters ‘BEN’ and ‘BECK’ on the brick side of the building, while the letters ‘AEB’ and ‘BECK’ were written on the front doors, Guenther said.

The center is a part of SHORE Inc., an organization that works to help those with developmental disabilities.

There are no leads, police said.

Student tries to flee after being caught with drugs

An NU student tried to flee the scene after being caught with marijuana and drug paraphernalia Sunday morning, police said.

Police observed three students sitting on a bench in Bobb Hall, 2305 Sheridan Rd., early Sunday morning, McAleer said. As police approached the students, one student dropped a multicolored glass pipe with burnt marijuana residue inside.

One student attempted to flee from the officers by walking 20 feet away, McAleer said.

After ordering the student to stop, an officer escorted her back to the other students.

Another student had an open backpack containing a plastic bag of marijuana, McAleer said. The students were issued citations for possession of marijuana and the student who owned the pipe received a ticket for drug paraphernalia, he said.

All three students were referred to Student Affairs.