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29 Tuesday

I’m directing a show right now, and I just finished the auditioning process. Today was our break day between casting and going to conferrals on Wednesday morning, so I enjoyed having a chill day, finally.

30 Wednesday

At 8 a.m., I found out my cast for the show, which was really exciting. Later on, I celebrated with my producer and writer. Then I sent a lot of e-mails to various people about production team and casting stuff for the show. I was extremely happy with the outcome of the casting.1 Thursday

I headed to Norris Student Center to meet a friend for coffee. Then I stuck around Norris for a meeting. My whole life revolves around this show right now. This whole week, my voice had been gone so I was finally getting over that today. I’d been looking forward to a really chill day.

2 Friday

I met a friend for lunch who I’d wanted to catch up with. We hadn’t talked in a while. Then I went to a show on campus. My friends had a small party get-together at night. It was literally the most random people, all in a room drinking together. I’d say it was a good end to the week.

3 Saturday

I went into the city to see a show somewhere in the Loop. Then I met my friends in Belmont. They were having a late dinner, so I stopped by for a second on my trip back to campus on the El. Later on, I went to a party on Chicago and Lake which was a lot of fun. Finally, I seemed to be getting over a week of being sick.

4 Sunday

I worked on homework for most of the day, and I also worked at the audition table for the winter shows. I’d say that was the most fun I had all day… Then I went to bed early.

5 Monday

Today, I finally ate at a restaurant off the Howard El stop that my friend and I have been wanting to try since last year. Then I had a read-through for my show. It was awesome. Definitely the highlight of my week.