Letter to the editor: Antiquated argument: Not all girls emotional

I was shocked and disgusted by Jill Mahen’s column, “No logic to psycho girls’ crazy antics.” The central idea that she put forward was that women are overly emotional and therefore not rational, whereas men are more logical and rational. This is the same argument men used in the 18th and 19th centuries, heck even in the 20th century, to subjugate women and deny them of their political and personal rights. While I do recognize that women are perhaps more emotional than men on some level, Mahen’s column oversimplified and made a caricature of girls’ behavior toward guys and guys’ attitudes towards girls. Mahen’s anecdote about Keg hookups and girls showing up at 2 a.m. at a guy’s apartment unannounced apply, I think, to maybe 30 percent of the student body. Had she framed her article differently, perhaps I would have given her some credit for making a comprehensive argument.- Elisa RedishCommunication and Weinberg junior