Crime roundup

Grace Johnson

NU student victim of ‘common type of fraud’

A student reported a case of check fraud on July 1, said Lt. Ron Godby of University Police. The student posted an advertisement for an apartment rental and received a check in excess of the rental cost along with a response asking the student to send back the balance. The student complied with the request, discovering later that the check had bounced.

“It’s a common type of fraud,” Godby said. “It’s surprising how many people fall for it.”

University Police checked into an alias and the address of the suspect, but found no leads, Godby said.

Laptop, camera stolen during July 4 party

A laptop and digital camera equipment were stolen from the Delta Chi fraternity house, 619 Colfax St., during an Independence Day party in the early hours of July 5, Godby said. University Police are keeping tabs on pawnshop and listings for leads on the items’ whereabouts.

Two cell phones stolen from 1800 Sherman Ave.

A 3G iPhone was reported stolen on Sept. 14 from 1800 Sherman Ave., the building that houses the Northwestern University Information Technology offices and the 1800 Club, Godby said. University Police are currently checking into pawnshop sales and online listings to recover the phone.

Earlier in the summer, another cell phone was reported stolen from the same building.

On June 29 a building security guard reported that his Nokia cell phone and charger were stolen from the security desk in the lobby, said University Police Assistant Chief Dan McAleer earlier in the summer.

The security guard told police he routinely left his phone at the desk while conducting security checks and members of the cleaning crew were the only other individuals there at the time, McAleer said.

Additional Repoting by Katie Glueck.