Groundbreaking insulin wound healing study completed

Christina Chaey

Researchers at Northwestern University recently published the results of a study that demonstrates an innovative method using nanodiamonds to deliver and release insulin in a localized area over a period of time.

“The ability to release therapeutics from the nanodiamonds on demand represents an exciting strategy towards enhancing the specificity of treatment,” said Dean Ho, a professor in the McCormick School of Engineering and Applied Science, who led the research.

The researchers paired tiny carbon-based nanodiamonds, which have been shown to be “efficient drug carrying and delivery agents,” with the insulin protein, an idea that may lead to new developments in wound-healing applications, such as gels and creams.

“As insulin has been shown to accelerate the healing process…and nanodiamonds are capable of preserving drug activity, new opportunities may be offered to enhance treatment outcomes,” Ho said.

The results of the study have been published online by the journal Biomaterials.