Prof. Kinzer to return to NU for another year

Elise Foley

Posted May 28, 8:20 p.m.Stephen Kinzer announced Thursday he will remain at Northwestern for another year as a visiting professor.

The former New York Times correspondent and author taught political science and journalism courses as the Charles Moskos Visiting Professor of Military Studies beginning in 2006. When his contract expired in the winter, Kinzer was offered a position as a Weinberg adjunct professor to teach for one year with a nearly 50 percent pay cut, he told The DAILY in April.

Many students called for Kinzer to remain at NU: an online petition gathered more than 400 signatures in March, while Associated Student Government passed a resolution April 9 urging NU to “rehire Professor Stephen Kinzer and keep him as an actively teaching professor.”

Kinzer said the reaction of the students encouraged him to take the position in Weinberg.

“The outpouring of interest on the part of students was something i took very seriously,” he said. “It was obvious the students wanted me to come back so i decided to put everything else aside.”

Kinzer will teach two political science courses in Winter Quarter: a History of American Intervention course and a seminar on Turkey and Iran. He is also in negotiations to teach a journalism course, he said.

Still, Kinzer said his future at NU remains uncertain.

“I asked for another three-year contract but the fact that they only did the one year suggests that this arrangement may be coming to end,” he said. “I dont want to slam the door but I’m not getting my hopes up.”

Alexandra Finkel contributed reporting.

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