Social Diary: Communication senior

12 tuesday

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME! Woke up incredibly hungover from a crush party I could barely remember. Used my birthday to justify skipping my classes; spent the day at Clarke’s. My dad flew in to celebrate and took out my friends for an amazing dinner at Table 52, Obama’s–and Oprah’s–hotspot. We danced the night away with my idol, Bruce Springsteen.

13 wednesday

Read my birthday wall posts, opened my gifts. Had the Norris sushi special and trapped myself in Africana, then escaped to a music pirating party of eye patches, rum and Cokes and illicit substances. Concluded the night with a hilarious 3 a.m. drive to McDonald’s. It took us 15 minutes to order 50 McNuggets.

14 thursday

Early morning presentation in Intro to Acting class. My lack of energy or knowledge made my seniorness obvious. Later, I bonged beers before hitting the Deuce. I was creeped out by all the Kellogg guys and left after one too many Jagerbombs. Went back to my friend’s place in Park Evanston, where we convinced our drug dealer to meet us at 4 a.m.

15 friday

Dragged myself out of bed for group meeting at Norris. Class on Fridays was a huge mistake. Pregamed on my friend’s Astroturf and smoked before Battle of the Bands. Great music but the judges predictably picked Rotimi. Lolita or SWAM were much better. Driving home, I got pulled over by the cops. FML.

16 saturday

My mom visited for the day. Picked her up early at O’Hare, and met my friend at Blind Faith. Stopped by Pi Phight to watch the debauchery. My roommates got wasted at Fraturday and gobbled down my mom’s amazing, homecooked Greek dinner. Since the party with the stripper got broken up, I went to bed early.

17 sunday

Went into town to pregame and to work with a water bottle of wine. Went home for arts & crafts and beer pong. Made a quick run to my dealer’s and smoked too much before Philfest. Had the best day until someone spilled beer on my phone. Went to Pita Pete’s to forget my woes, then smoked a bowl. Somehow ended up seeing Star Trek at midnight.

18 monday

Realized my phone was truly broken. Just another manic Monday. Had picnic dinner/Gossip Girl party with my roommate, then Senior Bar Night at Nevins. I left to avoid uncomfortable convos. Packed into the Keg. On my way out a girl yelled to me, “Yeah, Class of 2012.” I replied, “Gosh no, I’m a 2009-er.” She asked me what I was doing there. Good question.