Decision on Safdari impeachment hearing expected in next week

Kirsten Salyer

The Associated Student Government Rules Committee postponed a vote to decide an impeachment hearing for ASG Academic Director-elect Muhammad Safdari in a closed-door meeting Tuesday.

The committee has 30 days to vote on the impeachment, said Grace Adamson, ASG parliamentarian-elect. The committee plans to make a decision by next week’s ASG Senate meeting, the SESP junior said.

“We felt that a prudent decision was better for the organization than a hasty one,” she said.

The articles of impeachment were filed Monday by former ASG parliamentarian Will Upton, a Weinberg senior, with ASG Speaker-elect and Weinberg junior Samir Pendse, in response to an accusatory e-mail Safdari wrote that circulated through several campus e-mail lists Thursday.

If the members of the Rules Committee vote “yes,” the ASG Senate will have a hearing to try Safdari. A two-thirds vote of all ASG senators would be needed to impeach the Weinberg junior.

Pendse and Adamson appointed three ASG senators to the Rules Committee on Monday. The choice to appoint members rather than elect them was due to time constraints and an effort to ensure a lack of bias in the committee, Pendse said. The senators chosen – Weinberg freshman Jill Grewe, Weinberg freshman Wilson Funkhouser and SESP junior Dan Diorio – were selected based on their ability to be “fair and unbiased” and “invested in rules for the long haul,” he said.

“There’s a lot of emotion,” Pendse said. “We didn’t want people to run for the wrong reasons.”

Pendse said he hopes ASG can move past the impeachment to address other issues.

“We want to get moving on other things,” he said.