Drummond appointed Student Groups Director

Nathalie Tadena

Communication junior Miles Drummond was appointed ASG’s Student Groups Director on Wednesday.

As director, Drummond will oversee the Student Groups Committee, formerly known as the Executive Committee, which works with B- and T-status student group funding and resources.

Drummond is the first person to hold the title of student groups director. Until this year, the responsibilities of the student groups director fell under the title of executive vice president, an elected position.

Drummond said he hopes to focus on “internal” factors, like advertising funding opportunities, which will strengthen student groups.

After submitting an application and interviewing for the position, Drummond received an e-mail from outgoing Executive Vice President Vikram Karandikar of his appointment.

“Since we’re in a recession now, student groups are always looking for money and we have resources to help them,” he said.

Drummond previously served two years as a non-senator member on the executive committee.