Letter to the editor: Alderman Judy Fiske says she will represent NU students

I am writing to thank the residents of Evanston’s 1st Ward, including members of the Northwestern community, for electing me on April 7 to a four-year term as their alderman.

With nearly 63 percent of the vote, I am genuinely grateful and thoroughly humbled by the passionate, broad-based support I received. That includes the 6th precinct, home to most campus residents, where I won 50 percent of the vote.

The 1st Ward’s residents entrusted me with great responsibility, and I am determined to live up to it. I have already been working on your behalf on a wide range of issues for more than two decades. Now I will be able to continue to do so as your representative on the City Council.

Although downtown development was perceived by many to be the defining issue in this campaign, I believe the 1st Ward votes tell a bigger story. Residents elected me because they are ready for an alderman who listens.

And I do intend to listen to all of my constituents, including those at Northwestern. Soon after I take office, I will invite all 1st Ward residents to the first of what will be a regular series of ward-wide meetings where they can ask questions and raise issues. I am especially interested in hearing from Northwestern students on how downtown retailers can better meet their needs. I also look forward to meeting with the university’s new president and, after the ASG election, its new leadership.

In the meantime, I suggest everyone visit the City of Evanston’s Web site and sign up for Ward 1 e-mail updates. You may also wish to became a member of my new Facebook group, “Judy Fiske, Your Alderman,” which I also will use to keep 1st Ward residents informed. Soon, you also will be able to reach me via an e-mail address on the City’s Web site.

This is a challenging time for the 1st Ward, Northwestern and Evanston. All of us will need to work together to move the city ahead. As I said throughout the campaign, I need input from 1st Ward residents so I can make the right decisions – and so I can serve effectively as their advocate.

I recognize that campus-voter turnout was small, so I look forward to cultivating your involvement in Evanston’s politics. I believe you will be pleasantly surprised by the level of representation you will receive from me.

Again, I thank all 1st Ward voters for their support. And I look forward to hearing from the Northwestern community as we work together to make Evanston an even better place to live.

-Judy Fiske1st Ward Alderman