The Week In Review

Nicholas Jackson

On Thursday of last week, the day the second issue of The Weekly came out featuring a cover story by Assistant Editor Sara Peck concerning the acceptance of gender diversity on campus, a “Gender-Inclusive Housing Petition” appeared on the Associated Student Government website. As of yesterday morning, more than 260 people had electronically signed the Rainbow Alliance-sponsored petition, which calls for the creation of one gender-inclusive on-campus living space. I strongly endorse the petition and encourage everyone to at least read the proposal. This week, we’re making another endorsement in the pages of The Weekly: In our Fresh Ideas department, Javaad Ali calls for a change to NU’s current energy policy, one that encourages waste and costs more than we need to be spending. Elsewhere in this issue you’ll find an interview with Genius grant recipient Stuart Dybek; a letter from a student studying abroad at University College London; a list of the most important moments in television from David Downs, a former professor who played the teacher at Capeside High in the fourth season of Dawson’s Creek; and Joseph Lyons will answer the question “What if you dated your roommate?”